Bamboo Fiber Composites

bamboo fiber composite mat
bamboo fiber composite candle holder
bamboo fiber composite panel

About Samambu

We are a composites R&D company focused on research in plant-based materials for use in high strength, lightweight and eco-friendly consumer products. At Samambu, we believe that the most renewable plants are also the backbone for the next generation of advanced green materials. By harvesting instead of drilling, our bio-materials can also create new, sustainable jobs in the world's most impoverished regions.

About Abhadi

Samambu is currently developing AbhadiTM— a thin, flexible non-woven bamboo fiber mat that can be combined with bio-plastics and formed into everything from furniture to sporting goods to automobile parts. AdhadiTM mats are 100% fast-growing bamboo, whose fibers are stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. This combination of high strength and low energy consumption makes AbhadiTM an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional non-renewable lightweight materials. Learn More

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Interested in high strength natural composites? We are developing the next generation of plant-based composite materials, and would like to help you find the best material match for your products. Feel free to give us a call or send an email!

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